Turn Your TV into a Smart TV

Are you envious of a friend’s new smart TV, but can’t afford to buy one yourself? They are great devices, but did you know you can get the same benefit by buying an Android TV box from SilverStream? With a choice of packages at sensible prices, if you have an HD TV then you don’t need a smart TV, as SilverStream does the same thing for much less money!

net-tvSilverStream has been supplying small android tv gaming to customers across South Africa for a few years, and this system allows you to view on demand TV and films without the need for a satellite or cable connection. Indeed, many US networks now offer their content via streaming, as they realise it is the way forward. All you need is a 4meg broadband line and a SilverStream box, and you’re ready to go, so check them out now and join in the fun!